Heaven Bound

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What you'll learn: 

⭐️ What Heaven is actually like, and how the "present Heaven" differs from the "future Heaven" (part 1)

⭐️ Some of the important themes in Scripture that we need to study more, because they're so practical-- including the Resurrection, reigning twist Christ, and the Millennium (part 2)

⭐️ 18 common questions about Heaven, as well as what it means for "this earth" to pass away and a "New Heaven and New Earth" to replace it (part 3)

⭐️ What we'll do in Heaven, misconceptions people have, and what worship "forever" will actually be like (part 4)


🎵 We've placed bonus worship tracks at the conclusion of each chapter to help guide your study, your prayers, and your thoughts about our ultimate destination

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